(A)   The state of emergency shall be declared by a proclamation by the Mayor, or in his absence, the Vice- Mayor, and the state of emergency shall continue until the Mayor, or in his absence, the Vice-Mayor, finds that the threat or danger no longer exists and/or until an emergency meeting of a quorum of the City Commission can take place and terminate the state of emergency by proclamation. However, the duration of each emergency is limited to seven days and may be extended, as necessary, in seven-day increments.
   (B)   The state of emergency proclamation shall provide the following:
      (1)   Specify the nature of the emergency.
      (2)   Designate by appropriate boundaries the area or areas affected.
      (3)   The conditions which have brought the emergency about or which make possible its termination.
      (4)   Recite additional matter as is deemed necessary to effectuate the emergency powers prescribed herein.
('58 Code, § 31.60) (Ord. 68-44, passed 6-3-68; Am. Ord. 92-59, passed 7-28-92; Am. Ord. 2006-8, passed 12-13-05)