The following standard specifications are directed to the notice of manufacturers of bronze memorial tablets intended for placement in the cemetery. All markers or tablets are subject to the approval of the management prior to placement, and acceptance or rejection shall be based upon these specifications.
   (A)   Sizes and dimensions.
      (1)   Outside dimensions include flange.
         (a)   Family memorial. Width not less than 13 and not more than 24 inches. Length not less than 42 and not more than 60 inches.
         (b)   Individual markers. Width not less than 12 and not more than 18 inches. Length shall be 24 inches.
         (c)   Baby memorials. Width not less than six and not more than ten inches. Length not less than 12 and not more than 20 inches. Approved bronze memorial vases may be substituted for any individual or baby marker.
      (2)   Sloping flange.
         (a)   Width. Two inches on both large and small markers.
         (b)   Height of flange edges. Not less than 3/8 inches.
         (c)   Thickness of metal. Not less than 3/16 inches.
      (3)   Attachment bolts.
         (a)   Six bronze attachment bolts on the back face of each marker.
         (b)   Diameter. Not less than 5/16 inches.
         (c)   Exposed length. Not less than three inches.
         (d)   Must be deformed for concrete setting.
         (e)   Bolts may be cast integrally or attached by screw, threading not less than 3/18 inches, in case lugs are on the back face of casting.
   (B)   Materials.
      (1)   Standard of quality shall be governed by Bulletin No. qqb-691B-A1 of the U.S. Bureau of Standards of the subject of bronze castings.
      (2)   Proportions of materials as follows: 88% copper; 2% lead; 3% tin, 7% zinc. A variation not exceeding 1% is permissible on each above material specified; all virgin metals must be used and mixed to a uniform alloy at proper temperature.
      (3)   No other alloys of metals or combinations of materials acceptable.
   (C)   Designs. Standard designs are on display at the cemetery office; other than standard designs are subject to approval before placement.
   (D)   Craftsmanship.
      (1)   General requirements. Markers shall be free from sand holes, pits, or other imperfections which mar the appearance of or impair the usefulness and stability of the finished markers. All ornaments shall be clean and sharp, and all edges true and accurate to the standard dimensions defined herein.
      (2)   Lettering. Lettering shall be carefully spaced and accurately set in line, both vertically and horizontally. Names, dates, inscriptions, and emblems shall be arranged so as to result in an artistic and neat-appearing plate. Style of lettering should be preferably round-faced classic, V-shaped classic, or flat-faced classic. Other styles of lettering are subject to approval.
   (E)   Finish. Castings shall be free from scale, sand, pinholes, and pits. All ornamentation, face of letters, and background shall be hand-chased, hand-tooled, and burnished appropriately for a memorial tablet. Matching of approved color and texture, as per sample marker, shall be done by an approved oxidizing process. No colored lacquer or lacquer-carrying pigment shall be used.
(‘58 Code, § 10.85) (Ord. 76-43, passed 4-27-76; Am. Ord. 2012-58, passed 7-24-12)