(A)   No transfer or assignment of any lot or plot, or interest therein, shall be valid without the consent in writing of the City Commission. The transfer or assignment must be executed in the office of the cemetery, and upon forms provided by the city. The original burial right agreement must be presented at the time application for transfer is made.
('58 Code, §§ 10.41 and 10.42)
   (B)   In the event the original burial right owner desires to sell his interest in lots or plots, the city shall have the first right of refusal to purchase the lots or plots from him at the original cost. Should the city fail within seven days to exercise its right of first refusal, then the original burial right owner may sell his lots or plots elsewhere. Should notification of the owner's desire to sell be received by the city during a month when the City Commission is in recess, 30 days shall be added to the time within which the city must exercise its right of first refusal.
('58 Code, § 10.43)
(Ord. 76-43, passed 4-27-76; Am. Ord. 91-25, passed 12-18-90)