(A)   Removal by the heirs of a body or cremated remains so that the burial right may be sold for profit to themselves, or removal contrary to the expressed or implied wish of the original owner of the burial right agreement is repugnant to the ordinary sense of decency and is absolutely forbidden.
('58 Code, § 10.32)
   (B)   A body or cremated remains may be removed from its original lot or plot to a larger or better lot or plot in the cemetery, where there has been an exchange or purchase for that purpose. The management shall exercise the utmost care in making a removal, but it shall assume no liability for damage to any casket, burial case, or urn incurred in making the removal.
('58 Code, §§ 10.33 and 10.34)
(Ord. 76-43, passed 4-27-76) Penalty, see § 10.99