(A)   The management shall not be held responsible for any order given by telephone, or for any mistake occurring from want of precise and proper instructions as to the particular space, size, and location in a lot where interment is desired.
('58 Code, § 10.25)
   (B)   The city shall in no way be liable for any delay in the interment of a body where a protest against the interment has been made, or where the rules and regulations have not been complied with. The management shall be under no duty to recognize any protests of interments unless they are in writing and filed in the office of the management.
('58 Code, § 10.27)
   (C)   The management shall not be liable for the interment permit nor for the identity of the person sought to be interred; nor shall the management be liable in any way for the embalming of the body.
('58 Code, § 10.28)
(Ord. 76-43, passed 4-27-76)
   General disclaimer of city liability, see § 92.04