(A)   The following are the rules of conduct to be followed in the municipal cemetery.
      (1)   Persons within the cemetery grounds shall use only the avenues, walks, alleys, and roads, and any person injured while walking on the grass, except that being the only way to reach his plot, or while on any portion of the cemetery other than the avenues, walks, alleys, or roads, shall in no way hold the city liable for any injuries sustained.
      (2)   Only the burial right owner and relatives shall be permitted on the cemetery plot. Any other person thereon shall be considered as a trespasser, and the city shall owe no duty to the trespasser to keep the property or memorial thereon in a reasonably safe condition.
      (3)   Children under 15 years of age shall not be permitted within the cemetery or its buildings, unless accompanied by proper persons to take care of them.
      (4)   All persons are prohibited from gathering flowers, either wild or cultivated, or breaking trees, shrubbery, or plants, or feeding or disturbing the birds, fish, or other animal life within the cemetery grounds.
      (5)   No person shall be permitted to bring food or refreshments within the cemetery.
      (6)   Persons other than burial right owners or relatives shall not be permitted to loiter in the cemetery.
      (7)   No loud talking shall be permitted on the cemetery grounds within hearing distance of funeral services.
      (8)   The throwing of rubbish on the drives and paths, on any part of the grounds, or in the buildings, is prohibited. Receptacles for waste material shall be located at convenient places.
      (9)   Automobiles shall not be driven through the grounds at a greater speed than 15 miles per hour, and must always be kept on the right-hand side of the cemetery roadway. Automobiles are not allowed to park, or to come to a full stop in front of an open grave, unless the automobiles are in attendance at funerals or on business.
      (10)   No bicycles or motorcycles shall be admitted to the cemetery except those that may be in attendance at funerals or on business.
      (11)   Peddling of flowers or plants or soliciting the sale of any commodity, other than by the city, is positively prohibited within the confines of the cemetery.
      (12)   No firearms shall be permitted within the cemetery except on special permit from the Manager.
      (13)   No signs, notices, or advertisements of any kind shall be allowed in the cemetery unless placed by the management.
      (14)   Pets shall not be allowed on the cemetery grounds or in any of the buildings.
      (15)   It is the utmost importance that there should be strict decorum observed at all times within the cemetery grounds, whether embraced in these rules or not, as no improprieties shall be allowed, and the Manager shall have power to prevent improper assemblages.
   (B)   The Manager is empowered to enforce all rules and regulations, and to exclude from the municipal cemetery any person violating them. The Manager shall have charge of the grounds and buildings, including the conduct of funerals, traffic, employees, burial right owners, and visitors, and at all times shall have supervision and control of all persons in the cemetery.
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