The designated Animal Control Officer pursuant to F.S. Chapter 828 shall be responsible for enforcing this chapter. The Animal Control Officers shall have the right to enter on any public or private property in the city except a building designated and used for residential purpose unless authorized by the owner, legal occupant, or to remove animals suspected of abandonment and or exigent circumstances for the purpose of examining or capturing any animal thereon or therein. No liability shall attach to the officer and or the city for damages as a result of the examination and or capture. The Animal Control Officers are empowered and authorized to use and discharge a capture gun within the corporate limits of the city for the purpose of capturing wild and unmanageable animals. Animals may be removed for violations of cruelty, abandonment, at large, or when the animal(s) health and or safety is at risk, and or citizen(s) health and or safety is at risk. Any animal left in violation of § 90.07(A)(4), for more than a 12-hour period of time may be removed so as to restore peace and tranquillity to the inhabitants of the city. Law Enforcement Officers as defined in F.S. § 943.10 shall also have the authority to enforce this chapter as set forth in F.S. § 828.27. Animal Control Officers and or Law Enforcement Officers may issue a citation after witnessing a violation of this chapter or after receiving a minimum of one notarized affidavit that reflects a violation of any section of this chapter, by a witness, if corroborating evidence exists confirming the violation(s) alleged in the affidavit(s), based upon investigation by the officer.
(Ord. 2000-63, passed 6-13-00; Am. Ord. 2001-75, passed 7-24-01)