(A)   No person shall park a vehicle upon any street, city parking lot or other right-of-way for any purpose set forth below.
      (1)   Washing, greasing or repairing such vehicle except for emergency repairs where the disabled vehicle is made operable or removed within 24 hours from the time parked;
      (2)   Selling merchandise from such vehicle except in a duly established marketplace or when so authorized or licensed under other provisions of this code.
      (3)   For storage of junk, debris or other items.
   (B)   No persons shall park a vehicle upon private property or upon any private or public parking area for any of the purposes set forth above in subsection (A) unless that person is the owner or has the written permission of the owner of such property.
   (C)   Any vehicle issued a parking citation pursuant to subsection (A) above, is subject to towing by law enforcement officers or code enforcement officers when the vehicle is not removed within 24 hours from the issuance of the citation.
   (D)   Motor vehicles parked in violation of § 316.1951, F. S. may be towed as provided in said section. A law enforcement officer, compliance officer or code enforcement officer may issue a citation and cause to be immediately removed at the owner's expense any motor vehicle found in violation of the provisions of § 316.1951, F. S. as authorized therein including, but not limited to, motor vehicles parked upon a public street or highway, public parking lot or other public property for the principal purpose and intent of displaying the motor vehicle thereon for sale, hire or rental.
(Ord. 2012-25, passed 2-28-12; Am. Ord. 2015-22, passed 1-13-15)