(A)   The city shall notify all permittees of interim waste water treatment plants whenever a sewer collection line becomes available for them to use directly without the plant and the permittee shall disconnect the plant and connect directly to the sewer collection line within 30 days of notice. As a prerequisite to the disconnection of the interim waste water package treatment plant and direct connection to the sewer connector and the demolition and removal of the plant, the permittee shall submit an application to and receive permission from the city and any other regulatory agency concerned providing for the proper and timely disconnection, reconnection, demolition, and removal.
   (B)   In the event the permittee fails to disconnect the plant and connect to the sewer collection line within the time period, the city shall do so and shall be reimbursed by the permittee for any expense incurred as a result of the disconnection and connection. Immediately following the disconnection of the plant, the plant shall be demolished and removed from the premises and should the permittee fail to so demolish and remove, the city may enter the premises and so demolish and remove, and the permittee shall reimburse the city for all expenses thereof. To insure the timely disconnection and demolition of the plant, all applicants for a waste water treatment plant permit shall deposit with the city a bond as herein provided which shall be used by the city to disconnect and demolish the plant or shall be returned to the applicant upon the timely disconnection and demolition of the plant by the applicant as approved by the city.
   (C)   A certified check, cashier's check, or bank officer's check in the amount of $0.10 per gallon of plant capacity made payable to the city shall accompany each application for a permit as a bond to insure removal of the plant as soon as legally possible. A performance bond, written by a corporate surety company holding a certificate of authority from the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, as acceptable as sureties on federal bonds in the amount equal to the aforesaid bond amount, executed and issued by a resident agent licensed by the State, representing the corporate surety to be approved by the City Manager may be substituted for the cash bond. If the application is not granted, the bond will be returned in full to the applicant. Upon the successful disconnection and reconnection and demolition and removal of the plant by the permittee as approved by the City Engineer and the City Building Inspector, the bond shall be returned to the permittee. Any cost greater than the amount of the bond that is not paid by permittee shall constitute a lien on the property on which the plant is located.
('58 Code, § 49.34) (Ord. 73-17, passed 2-27-73; Am. Ord. 73-53, passed 6-26-73) Penalty, see § 52.99