Publisher's Note: This Section has been AMENDED by new legislation (Ord. 2022-45 adopted 4-26-22). The text of the amendment will be incorporated below when the ordinance is codified.
   (A)   Any persons who use water for human consumption or in the preparation of food within the city limits is required to use city water, or install a water system which meets the requirements of the city plumbing code, and is suitable for bacteriological water tests taken by the County Health Department for analysis at the State Board of Health laboratory.
('58 Code, § 19.17)
   (B)   Water samples shall be taken twice yearly by the County Health Department for the protection of the occupant, visitors, and customers, and any time during the year when deemed necessary by the Health Department.
('58 Code, § 19.18)
   (C)   Water samples taken from any system must conform to the bacteriological standards of the State Board of Health. When the laboratory report from one water sample taken from a water system is reported unsatisfactory by the state laboratory, a second sample will be taken. If the third laboratory report returns unsatisfactory, the owner or manager must make proper changes and either put down a new well, or use city water. Private wells and water systems cannot be connected to the city water system. ('58 Code, §§ 19.19, 19.20)
(Ord. 466, passed 5-9-50) Penalty, see § 10.99
   Unlawful use of city water, see § 50.10
   Private utility systems, see Ch.114