(A)   Nominations. The selection of the members to be recommended by the classified city employees to the City Commission for appointment to the Employees' Board of Appeals shall be made in the following manner.
      (1)   Not less than 30 days before the expiration of the term of an employee's representative, or immediately upon the resignation of an employee's representative, the Personnel Director shall notify all employees in the classified service that he will receive names for a period of seven days from the following named departments, or group of departments, for a representative or representatives as indicated, to serve as a seven-member nomination committee to select three candidates for the appointment to be filled.
         (a)   Two from administration. Includes all employees working in city hall plus library and golf course employees.
         (b)   Two from the Police Department, including Court.
         (c)   One from the Fire Department.
         (d)   One from the Public Works Department.
         (e)   One from the Recreation, Water and Sewers Departments.
      (2)   The permanent employees of each of the departments, or groups of departments, listed above shall have the right to name any other permanent employee of the department or departments as a member of the nominating committee. At the expiration of seven days from the notification, the above groups shall certify to the Personnel Director the name or names of the persons to serve on the nominating committee. The committee so selected shall, on notice of the Personnel Director, meet to nominate three candidates for the appointment to be filled.
('58 Code, § 11.99)
   (B)   Election. The Personnel Director shall then prepare appropriate ballots containing the names so nominated by the committee for vote by the eligible employees. The vote shall be a secret ballot. Upon tabulation of the vote by the employees, the Personnel Director shall certify to the City Commission for appointment to the Employees' Board of Appeals, the person receiving the highest number of votes.
('58 Code, § 11.99.1)
(Ord. 69-85, passed 9-9-69)