§ 34.144 SUSPENSION.
   (A)   The City Manager or department head may, for disciplinary purposes, suspend a regular employee without pay for the length of time the City Manager considers appropriate, but not to exceed 30 days in any 12-month period. Where the suspension is for a period of three days or less, a written statement of the reason for suspension shall be submitted to the Personnel Director and to the employee affected in each case, the statement to be submitted within 72 hours of the time the suspension becomes effective. Suspension for a period in excess of three days shall be handled as provided for in Article X, section 53 of the Charter. For purposes of this section, one Fire Department combat-shift shall be considered the equivalent of three working days.
   (B)   A regular employee in the classified service may be suspended by the City Manager without pay for a longer period pending the investigation or hearing of any charges against him. Any employee determined to be innocent of the charges placed against him shall be returned to duty with full pay for the period of suspension.
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