§ 34.143 LAYOFF.
   (A)   The City Manager or department head may layoff any employee in the classified service whenever such an action is made necessary by reason of shortage of work or funds, the abolition of a position, or because of changes in organization. However, no regular employee shall be laid off while there are temporary or probationary employees serving in the same position for which the regular employee is eligible and available.
   (B)   Whenever the layoff of one or more employees becomes necessary, the City Manager or department head shall notify the Personnel Director, at least ten days in advance, of the intended action and the reasons therefor. The Personnel Director shall thereupon furnish to the City Manager or department head the names of the employees to be laid off in the order in which the layoff shall be effected. Temporary employees shall be laid off prior to the layoff of probationary or regular employees. The order of layoff shall be in reverse order to total continuous time served with the city on the date established for the layoff to become effective.
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