(A)   All full-time, permanent employees who have completed one full year of continuous service and who have attained a satisfactory rating on their employee rating reports shall be eligible to have reimbursed to them tuition and registration fees for any study course given by a recognized educational institution or a correspondence course approved by the City Manager, if the course is directly related to the employee's present work or expected future work. Approval for the reimbursement must be obtained from the department head, the Personnel Director, and the City Manager prior to undertaking any study course, and the reimbursement shall be conditioned upon the employee having achieved a grade of C or better, or, where grades are not given, having successfully completed the course for which reimbursement is sought.
      (1)   Tuition and registration reimbursement shall be limited as follows:
         (a)   The amount of registration and tuition reimbursement shall be limited to the tuition and registration fees established by law for the state university system.
         (b)   Reimbursement shall be limited to two courses per semester per employee.
         (c)   Reimbursement shall not occur for doctoral level course work including that of juris doctor.
         (d)   Reimbursement shall not extend to books or other supplies which may not be needed, and such costs shall be the obligation of the employee and shall be the property of the employee. Reimbursement shall not apply for any laboratory fees.
      (2)   Any employee receiving reimbursement pursuant to the provisions of this section shall remain in the employ of the city for at least two years after any reimbursement and in the event the employee fails to do so, the amount of any reimbursements made to him within two years of the date of termination of his employment with the city shall be deducted from any funds to which he may be entitled.
   (B)   The one-year-of-service requirements as outlined in division (A) of this section shall not apply to members of the Fire Department in their enrollment in authorized courses of the city's paramedic training program.
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