§ 34.127 HOURS OF WORK.
   (A)   The City Commission shall establish hours of work per week for each position in the classified service by ordinance. These hours shall be indicated on the position classification plan for each position. Hours shall be as uniform as practicable within occupational groups and within the service as a whole. The City Manager shall schedule the hours when each department or division thereof shall be open for business. He shall take into account the needs of the city and the reasonable needs of the public who do business with various city departments. The City Manager shall schedule or approve the daily work schedule of all departments or divisions thereof, including the length of lunch period.
   (B)   The normal workday for city employees shall be an eight-hour day, not including the lunch period. Departments or divisions that must work other than an eight-hour day, due to unusual schedules or differing hours open to the public, may schedule their employees as required, subject to the approval of the City Manager and subject to the normal workweek established by ordinance by the City Commission. The work schedule for combat-shift firefighters shall be as established by ordinance by the City Commission.
('58 Code, § 11.95) (Ord. 69-85, passed 9-9-69; Am. Ord. 78-55, passed 6-6-78)