(A)   Vacancies in higher positions in the classified service shall be filled by the promotion of employees in the service whenever in the judgment of the City Manager and the Personnel Director, it is in the best interests of the city to do so. When the determination is made that there will be a promotional examination, the Personnel Director shall designate the lower position or positions from which promotion is to be made and shall establish the required period of service in these positions, except as noted in division (B) below for the Fire Department. The Personnel Director may also prescribe other reasonable requirements for eligibility to promotional examination and shall publish all such requirements in the examination announcement.
   (B)   Eligibility for promotional examinations to fill vacancies in the Fire Department shall be as follows.
      (1)   Standards of eligibility for promotional examinations to fill the positions of Fire Captain, Fire Lieutenant, Fire Inspector, Paramedic Lieutenant, and Driver-Engineer, shall be set by the Fire Chief and require the approval of the Personnel Director.
      (2)   Positions of higher rank than those listed above shall be filled by appointment by the City Manager.
   (C)   An employee who has been granted a military leave of absence in accordance with § 34.132 (C), shall not lose the right to participate in a promotional examination, if the examination takes place while the employee is on his leave. Arrangements shall be made by the Personnel Director to give this person the examination prior to his leave or immediately upon his return to duty with the city.
   (D)   In the event the Personnel Director finds that the number of persons qualified to compete in a promotional examination is more than one but not more than three, he may, without further examination certify as eligible for promotion the names of these persons qualified to the head of the department in which the vacancy exists.
   (E)   Employees who receive a passing grade in promotional examinations shall have credit for continuous city service added to the grade which shall be computed as follows: one point shall be added for each full year of uninterrupted service over that required to qualify for the examination up to a maximum of five such points. These points are to be added to the average of the grades achieved on the written and oral portions of the examination.
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   (F)   All promotional examinations shall be publicized at least two weeks in advance of the examination date by posting announcements on a bulletin board in the city hall and in such other places and in such other manner as the Personnel Director deems advisable. Copies of all such announcements shall be furnished the department affected.
('58 Code, § 11.93.6) (Ord. 69-85, passed 9-9-69; Am. Ord. 83-12, passed 10-26-82)