(A)   All appointments in the classified service shall be made according to merit and fitness. Merit and fitness shall be ascertained by examinations which shall be conducted by or under the direction of the Personnel Director. All examinations shall be impartial and shall relate to those matters which will test fairly the capacity and fitness of the candidates to discharge efficiently the duties of the positions to be filled. Examinations may be assembled or nonassembled, and may include written, oral, physical and performance tests, ratings of training and experience, or any combination of these. In the case of applicants for the position of police officer, the examination may include a psychological evaluation. The examination may take into consideration such factors as education, experience, aptitude, knowledge, character, physical fitness, or any other qualifications or attributes which, in the judgment of the Personnel Director, enter into a determination of the relative fitness of applicants.
('58 Code, § 11.93) (Ord. 69-85, passed 9-9-69; Am. Ord. 81-86, passed 10-6-81)
   (B)   The identity of all persons taking a competitive written test shall be concealed from the examiners by the use of an identification number which shall be used on all examination papers. This number shall be used from the beginning of the examination until all test papers have been rated. Any papers carrying the name of the applicant, or any other identification mark, or any candidate who reveals his identification number to the Personnel Director or to any member of his staff, directly or indirectly, shall be disqualified and the candidate so notified.
('58 Code, § 11.93.1)
   (C)   Appropriate scientific technique and procedures shall be used in rating results of examinations and in determining the relative ratings of the competitors. Final examination grades shall be expressed on a scale of 100 for maximum possible attainment and 70 shall be the required passing grade. Any candidate who fails to attain at least this passing grade shall be considered to have failed the examination and shall not be examined on any further parts, if they are planned. Where selection for employment is based on examination a total of three points shall be added to the final score of those applicants who have continuously resided within the city limits for at least six months immediately preceding the date of the examination. Preference points for veterans as defined by state law will be added to final examination scores as follows: veterans shall receive five preference points; disabled veterans shall receive ten preference points.
('58 Code, § 11.93.2)
   (D)   Each applicant taking an examination shall be given written notice of the results thereof, and if successful, of his final rating and his relative position on the eligible list for employment.
('58 Code, § 11.93.3)
   (E)   Any applicant shall have the right to make one personal inspection of his written test papers within one week from the date of notification of the results. An error in grading a test shall be corrected if called to the attention of the Personnel Director within the inspection period. The correction shall not invalidate any appointment previously made; however, in the case of a promotional examination, any error discovered within the inspection period shall be corrected and any promotions made on the basis of the error shall be invalidated where they do not comply with the corrected promotional list.
('58 Code, § 11.93.4)
(Ord. 69-85, passed 9-9-69)