§ 34.108 PAY PLAN.
   (A)   The pay plan shall consist of minimum and maximum rates of pay for each existing pay grade (position classification) as adopted by the City Commission by ordinance. The pay plan is intended to provide equal pay for equal work, and shall reflect the current pay grades as indicated by the position classification plan.
      (1)   An employee who is assigned by the Department Head or the City Manager to temporarily assume the duties and responsibilities of another employee in a higher classification shall receive a 5% increase in his or her base rate of pay for the time actually spent working in that higher classification in excess of the equivalent of one full work week per occurrence. If the employee is working in a classification that is 10% or more above his or her regular job classification, he or she shall receive an additional 5% increase in base rate of pay for all time worked after the 15th consecutive workday. The City Manager may, in his or her sole and exclusive discretion, grant an additional 5% increase after the 15th consecutive workday working in the higher classification.
      (2)   In the event that an employee is required by the City Manager to perform a special assignment outside of the scope of a regularly classified position, the City Manager may, in his or her sole and exclusive discretion, grant up to a 15% increase in an employee's base rate of pay for the time spent in such assignments.
   (B)   The City Manager shall, prior to preparation of the annual budget, make or cause to be made an investigation of the factors affecting the level of salary ranges. These studies should include salaries of comparable municipal employees, state and county employees, and private industry in the surrounding area, and any other data he deems advisable. On the basis of the data obtained by these studies, the City Manager shall recommend to the City Commission those changes in the pay plan he deems necessary to maintain fairness and adequacy of the salary structure. Upon approval of a revision to the pay plan by the City Commission, the rate of pay of all employees shall be adjusted accordingly.
('58 Code, § 11.83) (Ord. 69-85, passed 9-9-69; Am. Ord. 91-81, passed 9-10-91; Am. Ord. 95-10, passed 10-18-94)