The personnel program established by these rules shall be administered by the Personnel Director as provided by Charter section 53 (6). The Personnel Director shall perform the duties required by this subchapter and other duties as the City Manager may direct. Specifically, the Personnel Director shall perform the following.
   (A)   Administer the provisions of this subchapter.
   (B)   Develop and administer those recruitment and examination programs necessary to obtain an adequate supply of competent applicants to meet the needs of the city.
   (C)   Administer, maintain, and recommend to the City Manager revisions and amendments to the position classification plan, subject to approval by the City Commission.
   (D)   Administer the pay plan, including the periodic review of salary and wage levels in the area, and make recommendations to the City Manager for amendments to the pay plan, subject to approval by the City Commission.
   (E)   Provide and maintain a roster of all employees in the city service.
   (F)   Provide those forms and procedures he may consider necessary, appropriate, or desirable to carry out the personnel program.
   (G)   Develop and establish, in cooperation with the City Manager and the department heads, training and educational programs for employees in the city service as conditions warrant.
   (H)   Prepare annual or special reports regarding the work of the Personnel Department.
   (I)   Attend meetings of the Employees Board of Appeals.
   (J)   Prepare and recommend to the City Manager, after consultation with representatives of affected departments, those personnel rules or amendments that may be necessary, appropriate, or advisable to carry out the intent and purposes of the city personnel program under this subchapter. These rules and revisions must be adopted by the City Commission, by ordinance, before they become valid.
('58 Code, § 11.78) (Ord. 69-85, passed 9-9-69; Am. Ord. 84-63, passed 6-5-84; Am. Ord. 93-05, passed 10-27-92)