It is hereby declared to be the policy and purpose of the city to extend, effective as of July 1, 1951, to the employees and officials thereof not excluded by law and whether employed in connection with a governmental or a proprietary function, the benefits of the system of Old Age and Survivor’s Insurance as authorized by the Federal Social Security Act and amendments thereto, including Public Law 734 of the 81st Congress, and by F.S.Chapter 650, and to cover by the plan all services which constitute employment as defined in F.S. §650.02, performed in the employ of the city by employees thereof. In pursuance of this policy, and for that purpose, the city shall take all action required by applicable state or federal laws or regulations.
('58 Code, § 32.01) (Ord. 489, passed 10-9-51)
   City Employees Retirement Plan, see §§ 34.010 through 34.037
   Police and Firefighters' Retirement System, see §§ 34.045 through 34.072
   Authority of city to provide a pension or retirement plan for officers and employees, see Charter section 5 (23)