(A)   The Board will furnish the actuary with all data required for necessary actuarial computations under the plan.
('58 Code, §11.72 (a)) (Ord.72-59, passed 8-15-72)
   (B)   Upon request, and as specified in the request, by the Board of Trustees, the Finance Department shall maintain any or all records and data necessary for the proper administration of this system, and shall make these records and data available to the Board of Trustees. The records and data shall include, but not necessarily be limited to, the following list and any other similar items necessary for proper administration of the system.
      (1)   Deduct employee contributions, and immediately transmit same to the Board each pay period.
      (2)   For pending retirements, complete the basic data form, including determination of average monthly earnings.
      (3)   Prepare annually the employee data needed for actuarial valuation.
      (4)   Transmit city and state contributions to the Board in accordance with § 34.061.
('58 Code, §11.74) (Ord.74-59, passed 6-25-74)
(Ord.73-11, passed 1-3-73; Am. Ord. 2000-73, passed 9-12-00)