In the event a member who has been receiving a disability pension regains his health and is physically able to perform his former duties as an employee, whether or not he is rehired by the city, the Board shall discontinue the disability pension. However, if the member has been retired for service-incurred disability, shall not have reached the age of full primary Social Security old age benefit eligibility and shall within 18 months after resuming his position with the city pay into the fund an amount equal to the aggregate contributions, computed on his annual earnings at the time of his disability retirement, he would have been required to make hereunder during the period of his disability retirement had he not been retired, the member shall receive creditable service for the period of the disability retirement.
('58 Code, § 11.29) (Ord. 73-3, passed 11-8-72; Am. Ord. 88-60, passed 5-24-88)