(A)   All employees at the time of the adoption of this retirement system, whether or not they are members of the city's employees' pension plan, shall be eligible to become members of this system. Membership shall be optional for these employees; however the option may be exercised only as of December 8, 1972.
   (B)   Provided the conditions of eligibility as set forth in subsection (C) hereof are met, any other employee upon employment by the city shall be required to become a member. However, that membership shall be optional for the Assistant City Manager.
   (C)   The following are conditions of eligibility for acceptance into the retirement system subsequent to December 8, 1972.
      (1)   The employee must satisfactorily complete and pass, subject to the approval of the Board of Pension Trustees, all medical examinations required by the city and the Board for an employee of his classification.
      (2)   The employee must meet all requirements of the merit system of the city.
   (D)   Reentry into the system after discontinuance of prior participation will be permitted on a uniform, nondiscriminatory basis, and in no event will any duplication of benefits result therefrom. All employees in similar circumstances shall be treated alike on a uniform, nondiscriminatory basis. Upon reentry, credit for prior service shall be granted only upon repayment in full; of all moneys previously refunded to the member, together with such interest at the rate or rates assumed for actuarial purposes, as shall be certified by the actuary to be due. All costs associated with and due for prior service credit, including the city’s portion of any costs shall be paid in full by the employee prior to the employee entering DROP or retiring and separating service from the city. If repayment in full is not made as aforesaid, any moneys paid pursuant to this section shall be refunded, plus interest at the rate set forth in § 34.025(F)(1), and there shall be no further opportunity to obtain credit for prior service. Employees who have reentered the system prior to the effective date of this chapter may obtain credit for prior service upon complying with all of the provisions listed above; provided, however, that the time periods for repayment shall run from the effective date.
   (E)   Repealed.
   (F)   Second retirement. If an employee retires, and then returns to work as a regular employee with the city, during this second term of employment with the city, the employee’s pension payment shall not be suspended. A second pension benefit shall be earned by the employee for the additional years of employment with the city, and then calculated, based upon average monthly earnings as defined in § 34.010 for that second period of service; provided, however, that the employee shall have worked a minimum of three continuous years during that second period of service and be at least age 62.
   (G)   Purchase of pension service credit. Members who are eligible to retire or enter the DROP, but who have not yet elected to retire or enter the DROP, may elect to purchase additional service time needed to round-up his/her current year of service prior to retiring or entering the DROP. If a member elects to purchase additional service time, the member agrees to pay all costs including the city’s portion, prior to retiring or entering the DROP.
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