§ 30.02 MEETINGS.
   (A)   For the purpose of this section the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
      REGULAR MEETINGS. Those meetings where the City Commission shall take formal action such as, but not limited to, the holding of public hearings, the passage of resolutions or ordinances, and the hiring or firing of those employees wherein the Commission has the power of appointment.
      WORKSHOP MEETINGS. A meeting where the Commission may take no formal action on any subject of interest to the city but is to be considered a meeting where there shall be consideration and discussion of any subject which may be brought before the Commission at a regular meeting. Any subject considered on workshop may be stricken from the workshop agenda and thereby not brought before the regular Commission meeting by a majority vote of the Commissioners present at the workshop meeting.
   (B)   Meetings. The regular meetings of the City Commission shall be held on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month in the city hall complex. Regular meetings shall be held at times set by the Commission by Resolution. Workshop meetings shall be held in the Commission meeting room only when so requested by the Mayor, City Manager or any two Commissioners. Notice of the workshop meetings shall be posted as required by Florida law. Meetings shall continue until adjourned by appropriate vote of the members of the City Commission with any recesses and continuances the City Commission deems appropriate. At any regular or special meeting, the day for any subsequent regular meeting may be changed by majority vote of all the Commissioners where it appears in the public interest or desirable, considering the best interests of the city as a guideline to do so. Regular or workshop meetings may be held at times and places other than as provided herein, at times and places prescribed by motion and majority vote of all of the Commissioners.
   (C)   (1)   Two postponements of an application, not to exceed a total of 60 days, may be granted by the City Commission upon request of the applicant and the payment of $250.00 per postponement. Failure of an applicant to proceed at the next hearing scheduled for the matter following two postponements, shall result in the matter being stricken from the Agenda by the City Commission. Any such stricken matter must undergo a new application process to again be placed before the City Commission for a determination.
      (2)   Should any City Commission meeting be cancelled or no regular monthly meeting of the City Commission be scheduled for any month following postponement, the matter will be set for the next available meeting and the postponement shall be treated as if it were only a 30 day period of time.
      (3)   The City Commission may on its own by motion, postpone any matter to a future scheduled meeting, should the Commission determine that there is a need for more information or further study, or that such a postponement is required in the interest of fairness or due process either to the applicant, the City Commission or to the general public. Any such postponement initiated by the City Commission shall not be held against the applicant as a postponement.
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   Meetings of City Commission, see Charter sections 16 and 17