(a)   On certain lands presently lying outside of its municipal limits, which lands are described in subsection (b) hereof, the City of Pompano Beach, in Broward County, Florida, by its City Commission, shall also have the power and authority to cause the local improvements provided for in section 183 above to be constructed, wholly or in part, at the cost of the property owners benefited thereby by levying and collecting special assessments in accord with all the provisions and procedures of Article XX of this Charter which provisions and procedures are incorporated herein by reference.
   (b)   The lands to which subsection (a) above is applicable are bounded as follows:
   On the south by McNab Road; on the west by the Seaboard Airline Railroad; on the north by Race Track Road; and on the east by the western corporate limits of the City of Pompano Beach as of February 17, 1965, and South Dixie Highway.
(Special Acts, Ch. 65-2141, § 12)
Editor's note:
   Section 183.1 was added to the Charter by Ch. 65-2141, § 12.