City of Pompano Beach is authorized to issue bonds of said city by ordinance of such form, denomination, and bearing such rate of interest not to exceed that per centum permitted by state law and becoming due in such time and upon such conditions as may be determined, in an amount not exceeding in the aggregate fifteen (15) per centum of the assessed valuation of the taxable property in the city at the time of issue, for any of the purposes for which the said city has the power and authority to expend money, including the power to refund any and all previous issues of bonds, and for any lawful municipal purpose. The particular purposes for which City of Pompano Beach may issue bonds are not enumerated here, but wherever in this Charter the power is given to City of Pompano Beach to expend money for a lawful municipal purpose, such purpose is by reference incorporated herein as one of the purposes for which City of Pompano Beach may issue bonds to obtain the money to make such public improvement, carry out such lawful municipal purpose, and exercise the power delegated to it.
(Sp. Acts, Ch. 63-1826, § 15; Ref. of 3-9-76)