In any such election, if a majority of the votes cast on the question of removal of any City Commissioner are affirmative, the person whose removal is sought shall thereupon be deemed removed from office upon the announcement of the official canvass of that election, and the vacancy caused by such recall shall be filled according to the provisions of this Charter. If, however, an election is held for the recall of more than one City Commissioner, candidates to succeed them for the unexpired term shall be voted upon at a special election called for that purpose. Such election shall be conducted in the same manner as a regular municipal general election and shall be held within thirty (30) days after such vacancies have occurred. Candidates seeking election to fill such vacancies must have the qualifications of commissioners in the city.
(Special Acts, Ch. 63-1826, § 12)
Editor's note:
   Previous to amendment by § 12 of Ch. 63-1826, filed with the Secretary of State on June 18, 1963, the last sentence of § 81, Ch. 57-1754, required that candidates for the vacancy reside in the district in which such vacancy occurred.