If any vacancy occurs in the City Commission, the Commissioners shall elect within fifteen (15) days by majority vote an eligible person to fill the vacancy until the next general election, at which time the office shall be filled for the unexpired term; provided, however, that if more than six (6) months remain before the next general election, there shall be a special election called to fill the vacancy. If a vacancy occurs and there remains less than sixty (60) days of the unexpired term, then it shall be at the discretion of the City Commission as to whether the vacancy shall be filled. In case of sudden emergency or catastrophe resulting in three (3) or more vacancies simultaneously, the City Clerk shall forthwith hold a special general election to fill the vacancy and unexpired term of any Commissioner whose term would not normally expire within sixty (60) days of the date of the vacancy. Where the term would expire within such sixty-day period, the Commission shall proceed to fill such vacancy by appointment if the appointment is needed to provide a constitutional majority, but otherwise the filling of such vacancy shall be at the discretion of the Commission. In the case of a tie vote to fill any vacancy, the City Commission shall continue to ballot; but if the tie persists after four (4) ballots, the Mayor, or in the event the Mayor position is vacant, the Vice-Mayor shall appoint one of the persons who received votes in the tie balloting to fill the vacancy. Any person who has been recalled from office as a Commissioner shall not be eligible for appointment to the Commission.
(Sp. Acts, Ch. 59-1763, § 2; Ch. 61-2712, § 8; Ref. of 3-11-80, Amend. No. 3)