Sec. 10. POWERS.
   All powers of the city and the determination of all matters of policy shall be vested in the Commission. The City Commission may by ordinance or resolution prescribe the manner in which any power of said city shall be exercised. Without limitation of the foregoing, the Commission shall have the power to:
      (1)   Appoint and remove the City Manager;
      (2)   Appoint and remove the City Attorney;
      (3)   Appoint and remove the Municipal Judge;
      (4)   Establish other administrative departments and distribute the work of divisions;
      (5)   Adopt the budget of the city;
      (6)   Authorize the issuance of bonds by a bond ordinance;
      (7)   Inquire into the conduct of any office, department or agency of the city and make investigations as to municipal affairs;
      (8)   Appoint members of official boards or advisory groups;
      (9)   Adopt plats;
      (10)   Adopt and modify the official map of the city;
      (11)   Regulate and restrict the height and number of stories of buildings and other structures, the size of yards and courts, the density of populations and the location and use of buildings for trade, industry, business, residence or other purposes;
      (12)   Provide for safe and sanitary housing accommodation for families of low income;
      (13)   Create a housing authority;
      (14)   Adopt, modify and carry out plans proposed by the Planning Board for the clearance of slum districts and rehabilitation of blighted areas;
      (15)   Adopt, modify and carry out plans proposed by the Planning Board for the replanning, improvement and redevelopment of neighborhoods and for the replanning, reconstruction or redevelopment of any area or district which may have been destroyed in whole or in part by disaster;
      (16)   Provide for an independent audit.
      (17)   Appoint and remove the Internal Auditor in compliance with Section 30.
(Special Acts, Ch. 57-1754, § 10; Am. Ord. 90-64, passed 9-4-90, Ref. of 11-6-90)