(1)   Members of the City Commission shall have the following qualifications:
         (a)   They shall have been residents of the election district from which they are elected for at least one (1) year immediately preceding their election.
          (b)   They shall have the qualifications of electors in the city and shall be registered to vote in the city.
         (c)   They must continue to reside during their term of office in the respective election district from which they are elected or appointed.
      (2)   Members of the City Commission shall be disqualified to continue in office in the following instances:
         (a)   When any member ceases to possess any of the qualifications set forth in subparagraph (1) above and, after formal notification thereof in writing by the City Commission, such member fails or refuses to purge himself of the disqualification within one (1) week of his having received such notification.
         (b)   They shall not hold any other elected public office.
         (c)   Any member who has been convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude; provided, such forfeiture shall not become effective until any appeals from such conviction have been finally adjudicated, or the time for such appeal has expired or the member indicates in writing that he does not intend to take such an appeal.
         (d)   Absence from four consecutive regular meetings of the City Commission unless such absence is excused by the City Commission by resolution setting forth the fact of such excuse, such action to be duly entered upon the journal.
      (3)   In the event of the disqualification of a member, the City Commission shall, forthwith, by proper resolution, declare the existence of a vacancy on the City Commission and shall thereafter proceed as provided in Article II, Section 14, for the filling of vacancies on the City Commission. (Sp. Acts, Ch. 61-2712, § 5; Ch. 65-2141, § 3; Ch. 67-1949, § 5; Ref. of 3-9-76)
Editor's note:
   Section 5 of Ch. 61-2712, ratified by the electors on August 15, 1961, amended § 7 of Ch. 57-1754. Chapter 65-2141, § 3, added the requirement for a resolution declaring the vacancy. Ch. 67-1949, § 5, amended § 7 of Ch. 57-1754 by separating and distinguishing qualifications and disqualifications, by striking certain restrictions pertaining to political party affiliations, and by striking the requirement that all elections be nonpartisan. The provisions which were deleted from section 7 may now be found in section 70.1 of this Charter.