A.   The storage location for fireworks when they are not in the temporary stands must meet all applicable fire and life safety code requirements and be approved by the fire chief or his representative.
   B.   Each item on the list of fireworks to be offered for sale or to be stored must comply as "safe and sane". In the event the fire chief or his representative cannot identify an item on the list for storage or sale, the applicant shall furnish one or more samples of the item to the fire chief or his representative, without charge, so that the item may be tested for compliance. Failure to so provide a sample may result in a prohibition of the sale and storage of that item. Items not approved as being in compliance with applicable fireworks laws shall not be offered for sale or stored and may be subject to seizure and disposal by the fire department or items shall be immediately repackaged and returned to the supplier. (Ord. 2436 § 4, 1993)