Each applicant for a permit shall file applications with the fire department. Each application shall contain the following:
   A.   Name, age and address of the applicant.
   B.   The name of the organization that the applicant represents, if any.
   C.   The names and addresses of the officers, if any, of the organization the applicant represents.
   D.   The location where the applicant will sell fireworks.
   E.   Name of liability insurance carrier and amount of coverage.
   F.   The location of the applicant's principal and permanent place or places of business.
   G.   The name and address of any wholesaler or distributor from whom the retailer proposes to purchase fireworks for resale, and the location at which the retailer proposes to store fireworks when they are not located in the temporary stands.
   H.   The applicant's state sales tax permit number.
   I.   An itemized listing of each, every and only those items to be offered for sale or to be stored by the applicant.
   J.   A policy of public liability insurance with coverage of at least five hundred thousand dollars/one million dollars ($500,000.00/$1,000,000.00) and a policy of property damage insurance with at least fifty thousand dollars ($50,000.00) or a certificate showing the amount of insurance. Each policy shall contain a rider therein listing and carrying the city as an additional insured under the policy.
   K.   Such other information as the fire chief may require to make his investigation.
The fire chief may cause an investigation to be made of each applicant and, if so, shall submit a report of his findings and recommendations for or against the issuance of the permit, together with his reasons therefor, to the mayor. (Ord. 2881, 2010: Ord. 2436 § 4, 1993)