A.   Septic tank waste may be introduced into the POTW only at the designated receiving structure within the treatment plant area, located at 10733 N. Rio Vista Road, and at such times as are established by the superintendent. No other point of discharge within the city's collection system will be allowed without the expressed written permission of the superintendent. The discharge of any hauled waste to a point in the city's collection system, other than as specifically designated by the superintendent, shall be deemed a violation of these regulations and shall be subject to enforcement action. Such wastes shall not violate any section of this chapter or any other requirements established or adopted by the city.
   B.   All domestic septic tank waste, portable toilet waste or other hauled waste deemed acceptable by the superintendent will be subject to the terms and conditions contained in the city's general regulations of waste haulers, incorporated herein and made a part hereof.
   C.   Discharges of nondomestic hauled waste shall be subject to the applicable prohibited discharges as set forth in sections 13.20.030 through 13.20.045 of this chapter, as well as any applicable federal, state and local regulations governing hauled waste or any conditions the superintendent deems necessary for protection of its treatment works.
   D.   Nothing contained in these regulations shall be construed as being preemptory of any other regulations governing hauled waste, or waste haulers, or any business activities pertaining to hauled waste, or as set forth in any federal, state or local guidance governing hauled waste.
   E.   Any waste hauler seeking to discharge hauled waste to the POTW, or to any designated point within the city collection system, must have a city approved waste hauler's permit. No load may be discharged without prior consent of the superintendent. The superintendent may collect samples of each hauled load to ensure compliance with applicable pretreatment standards. The superintendent may require the hauler to provide a waste analysis of any load prior to discharge. The superintendent reserves the right to refuse permission to dump any load that is suspected of being incompatible or that is determined to be incompatible with the POTW through sampling and analysis, or sound professional judgment.
   F.   Waste haulers must provide a waste tracking form for every load. A waste tracking form approved by the POTW shall be used to record every load that is delivered to the POTW. Failure to accurately record every load, falsification of data or failure to transmit the form to the superintendent prior to discharge into the POTW may result in revocation of this permit.
   G.   Fees for dumping hauled wastes shall be charged each time a waste hauler delivers or causes to be delivered a load for discharge, based on tank size. Such fees shall be set from time to time by resolution of the city council. Failure to pay the fees within thirty (30) days of the billing date shall be cause for revocation of the waste hauler discharge permit.
   H.   Liability insurance is required. Each waste hauler must carry commercial general liability insurance in such amount and in such form as shall be determined by the city and specified as part of the permit. The city shall be named as an additional insured party in the policy. Proof of insurance coverage must be provided to the city prior to the issuance of the permit and annually as long as the permit is in effect. (Ord. 2837 § 1, 2008)