13.16.010: Purpose
13.16.020: Definitions
13.16.030: Polluted Waters; Proper Discharge
13.16.035: Septage Waste Dumping Prohibited
13.16.040: Unpolluted Waters; Discharge To The Sanitary Sewer Prohibited
13.16.050: Unpolluted Waters; Proper Discharge
13.16.055: Swimming Pool Discharge
13.16.060: Limitations On The Use Of Garbage Grinders
13.16.065: Wash Floor Or Slab
13.16.070: Grease Interceptors, Grease Traps, Grit Traps, Lint Traps, And Oil/Sand Interceptors
13.16.075: Harmful Substances Prohibited
13.16.080: Emergency Suspension Of Service
13.16.085: Connection To Proximate Sewer Required
13.16.090: Separate Sewers For Each Building
13.16.100: Installation And Extension Of Sewer Mains
13.16.105: Repairs Or Extension Of Private Sewer
13.16.110: Permit Required To Work On Sanitary Sewer
13.16.120: Excavation Permit Required
13.16.130: Notice Of Impending Connection; Inspection
13.16.140: Revocation Of Permission To Connect
13.16.150: Materials And Pipe Laying Specifications
13.16.160: Right Of Entry For Inspection
13.16.170: Injury To Sanitary Sewer Unlawful
13.16.180: Sanitary Sewer Users
13.16.190: Rate Schedule
13.16.200: System Capacity Fee
13.16.210: Billing Period
13.16.220: Billing
13.16.230: Violation; Penalty