The owner and/or operator of a motor vehicle in or upon which a parking violation notice has been left or attached by a police officer or other traffic control personnel employed by the city may avoid being prosecuted in the magistrate's court for the violation alleged in such notice by electing to pay to the parking violations bureau of the police department, as a penalty for such violation, the fee established and set forth for such violation by resolution of the city council. If the owner fails to respond to a parking violation notice within thirty (30) days or refuses to pay a parking violation fee and/or a booting fee, a uniform citation shall be issued to the owner of the vehicle for failure to appear or pay a parking violation, and the violation shall be treated as an infraction, or the violation may be sent to a professional collection bureau for collection, at the discretion of the Pocatello police chief, or his designee. (Ord. 2893, 2011)