A.   In addition to the criminal penalties provided in section 8.52.140 of this chapter, any condition caused or permitted to exist in violation of this chapter shall be considered a threat to the public health, safety, welfare, and environment, and may be declared and deemed a nuisance by the city.
   B.   Any condition deemed a nuisance by the city or other authorized enforcement agent may be summarily abated and/or restored by the city or its contractor. The cost of abatement and/or restoration shall be borne by the owner of the property and/or the permit holder for the work done on the property, which liability shall be joint and several. Whereupon the city is authorized, pursuant to Idaho Code 50-334, to lien the subject property and/or pursue a civil action in district court to recover the costs incurred by the city to abate the nuisance and/or enjoin or otherwise compel the cessation of such nuisance. (Ord. 3071, 2021: Ord. 2944, 2015)