A.   All persons or groups of persons desiring water service outside of a conventionally subdivided area for which extension of water mains are required may make petition to the city, attaching thereto a map indicating the property to be served and the streets, alleys, highways or easements in which the extension line is required to be laid.
   B.   The petitioners will advance such an amount as, in the opinion of the city and its engineers, will defray the cost of the extensions, and the city will thereupon have constructed the water main extensions.
   C.   Refunds to the petitioners for extension of water mains will be made according to the formal policy adopted by the city council. This policy is to be reviewed from time to time and amended as deemed necessary. (1990 Code § 13.04.260)
   D.   The design, size and depth of water mains shall be determined by the city, but all costs to petitioners shall be based upon the cost of an eight inch (8") line as estimated by the engineers. The difference in cost of the pipe between an eight inch (8") diameter main and any larger diameter main actually installed shall be borne by the city.
   E.   No water main having a diameter of less than eight inches (8") shall be installed within a public street.
   F.   All service lines shall be installed so as to connect with the water main as nearly at a right angle as possible.
   G.   All conventional subdivisions shall be complete with water distribution system installed before the subdivisions are accepted by the city. The design and construction of the water distribution systems shall be approved by the city before such system is installed. The subdivider shall install the water distribution system at his own expense for all water mains which are eight inches (8") in diameter or less. In case a diameter larger than eight inches (8") is required by the city, the city will pay the difference in cost between an eight inch (8") diameter pipe and the larger diameter pipe actually installed. (1990 Code § 13.04.260; amd. 2003 Code)
   H.   All main line extensions shall be extended the full width of the lot of which service is to be provided. (1990 Code § 13.04.260)