A.   Agreement And Form: Any person desiring a supply of water from the system, where such service is available, shall apply to the City Treasurer, and file an agreement with the City, which agreement and application shall be in such form as approved by the City Council and on file in the City office. (Ord. 2009-2, 2-3-2009)
   B.   Nonrefundable Service Charge: A nonrefundable service charge shall be paid by each customer to initiate water service. A customer who initiates a new connection shall pay a nonrefundable service charge of thirty dollars ($30.00). All subsequent customers at the same location shall pay a fee of thirty dollars ($30.00). In the event that a customer is scheduled for disconnection and a City employee is dispatched to disconnect the water service but the customer pays the past due amount at the time of the scheduled shut off, a twenty dollar ($20.00) dispatch fee will be required. In the event service is disconnected for nonpayment, a fifty dollar ($50.00) reconnect fee without the dispatch fee will be required for reconnection. (Ord. 2017-49, 12-5-2017)