A.   Purpose: The purpose of this section is to establish procedures by which residential community members will recycle designated materials within Pleasant Grove City. This section intends to reduce the expense of disposal, and conserve valuable resources. This section will also provide for an "opt out" program for residents who do not wish to participate in recycling.
   B.   Regulation Criteria: The recycling of solid waste within the city shall be based upon the following criteria:
      1.   Recycling is encouraged for all residences, including single- family and multiple-family dwellings. All residences shall be automatically enrolled in the program unless they "opt out" pursuant to the provisions provided below.
      2.   The city shall provide each residence with curbside containers that shall be used for recycling, as well as a regular pick up container for solid waste. The recycling containers shall be processed at a minimum of every other week at times and dates as determined by the city.
      3.   Residences shall separate designated recyclable materials from solid waste. Designated recyclable materials shall be deposited separate and apart from other solid waste generated by the owners, tenants, or occupants of such premises. Designated recyclable materials shall be collected or disposed of in a manner and on such days and times as may be established by Pleasant Grove City.
   C.   Definitions:
    DESIGNATED MATERIALS: Recyclable materials listed in this section which must be separated for recycling, including, but not limited to, the following:
      1.   Aluminum cans made from aluminum for the purpose of holding a beverage, such as a soda pop can. This does not include aluminum foil and aluminum pie plates.
      2.   Corrugated cardboard refers to shipping containers made with corrugated paper. Boxes should be broken or cut down to fit inside the recycling container.
      3.   Mixed paper includes, but is not limited to, white and colored paper used in printers, photocopiers and fax machines, white and colored ledger paper, carbonless copy paper, construction paper, letters, advertisements, circulars, magazines, catalogs, envelopes, brown paper bags, cereal boxes, paper towel and toilet paper tubes, and softcover books.
      4.   Newspaper is anything printed on low cost material called newsprint. This also includes glossy inserts that often come with the newspaper as well as phone books.
      5.   Plastic bottles describe plastic containers coded #1-7. Caps and lids are not recycled. Empty bottles which contained hazardous materials such as motor oil, antifreeze, etc., should not be recycled. Food should be rinsed from plastic bottles but labels need not be removed.
      6.   Tin cans are containers used for the storage of goods, such as soup cans and tuna fish cans. Food should be rinsed from cans, but labels need not be removed.
    RESIDENCE: Any dwelling, whether single-family, multi-family, or group living quarters, excepting those that do not receive garbage services from the city.
   RESIDENT: Any person who owns or occupies a dwelling within the city.
   SOLID WASTE: All garbage and rubbish normally placed at the curb for collection by the city on a regular schedule.
   SOURCE SEPARATED: The separation of items into designated categories prior to setting them out for curbside collection. (Ord. 2010-8, 3-2-2010)
   D.   Opt Out Program:
      1.   Pleasant Grove City residents shall be automatically enrolled unless they provide written notice to the city that they are opting out of the program.
      2.   The written notice shall state the name of the resident, the address of the residence, and a signed statement informing the city that the residence does not wish to participate in the recycling program.
      3.   New residents may opt out of the program within sixty (60) days from the date their utility application was signed.
      4.   Persons moving out of a residence receiving recycling services must notify the city prior to the vacation of the premises in order to close the account for that residence.
      5.   The city shall discontinue recycling services to residents who have opted out within sixty (60) days of the written notification. The resident shall continue to be billed for recycling services until their service is discontinued.
      6.   The city shall maintain a list of all residents that have opted out.
      7.   If a resident who has opted out wishes to participate at a later date, the resident must provide written notice to the city of the change. (Ord. 2016-7, 4-19-2016)
   E.   Opt In: Residents may opt in to the program at any time.
   F.   Fees: Fees for recycling services shall be set by the city council from time to time by resolution. Said fees shall be assessed as part of the monthly utility billing.
   G.   Enforcement:
      1.   Enforcement of this section shall be under the direction of Pleasant Grove City and its authorized representatives or designees, including city police officers.
      2.   The city or Allied Waste may place an education notice tag on the resident's door or garbage container, informing the resident of the violation of this section and possible penalties.
      3.   Failure to comply with the requirements of this section may be subject to a fifty dollar ($50.00) fine per violation. (Ord. 2010-8, 3-2-2010)