The city council, by resolution, shall classify and determine which class the garbage collection service furnished any owner, renter, agent or occupant of any building or portion of apartment thereof, or any structure of whatever type or nature or any premises shall fall or come within. The city council shall be the sole judge of what unit or classification the garbage collection service comes within and which is given to the owner, renter, agent or occupant. From time to time, the city council shall cause a resurvey of the classification to which such person belongs. Upon request, the city council will investigate the request and if the request is reasonable then they shall make such adjustments as in their judgment shall be deemed reasonable. The charges and rates, based on the classification made for garbage and waste matter disposal, may be established by resolution of the city council. The charge shall be a civil debt owing to the city from the occupant of the property, but nothing in this section shall relieve the occupant from prosecution for a misdemeanor for any violation of this chapter. (1990 Code § 8.28.280)