The duty of extinguishing fires and of protecting life and property within the city is entrusted to the chief of the fire department. He may divide the city into fire districts and make such rules and regulations, subject to the approval of the city council, for the government of all officers and members of the department, as he may deem expedient. He may make suitable regulations under which the officers and members of the department shall be required to wear an appropriate uniform or badge by which, in case of fire and at other times, their authority and position in the fire department may be known. The chief shall have sole and entire command over all officers and members of the department at fires. He shall have full charge at all times of all apparatus and appurtenances belonging to the department, and he shall adopt such measures as he shall deem expedient for the extinguishing of fires, protection of property, or preservation of order and observance of the laws of the state, which duties are required of him by law and the provisions of this code. It shall be the duty of the fire chief to examine the condition of any dwellings, places of business, accessory buildings, tanks, structures, and pipelines, as well as any other place or thing that may at any time become subject to accidental or other fire condition, for the purpose of preparing himself, the department and equipment for response to such fires. It shall also be his duty to inspect engines, hoses, and hook and ladder equipment of the fire department, as well as personal protective equipment used by each individual member of the department. (Ord. 2002-5, 2-5-2002)