An alarm system monitoring company engaging in business activities in the city shall:
   A.   Obtain all necessary business licenses as required by the city and the state of Utah;
   B.   Maintain a current record, accessible to the chief of police at all times, that includes, the names of the alarm users serviced by the company, the addresses of the protected properties; the type of alarm system, original installation date and subsequent modifications, if any, for each protected property; and a record of the false alarms at each property;
   C.   Provide the chief of police such information as the chief requests regarding: the nature of the company's security alarms; the company's method of monitoring the alarms; the company's program for preventing false alarms, including educational programs for alarm users; and the company's method for disconnecting audible alarms;
   D.   Provide each of its alarm system users with: operating instructions for the alarm system, including an explanation of the alarm company's alarm verification process; a telephone number to call for the assistance in operating the system; and a summary of the provisions of this chapter relating to penalties for false alarms and the possibility of no department of public safety response to alarm systems experiencing excessive false alarms;
   E.   Maintain a verification process, for all monitored security alarm systems in order to prevent unnecessary department dispatches resulting from false alarms;
   F.   Communicate requests for cancellations of the department response in a manner specified by the chief;
   G.   Maintain a record of all requests for department response to an alarm, including: the date and time of the alarm and request for department response; the alarm system user's name and address; evidence of the company's attempt to verify the alarm; and, to the best of its knowledge, an explanation of the cause of any false alarm; and
   H.   Work cooperatively with the alarm system user and the chief in order to determine the cause of any false alarm and to prevent reoccurrences. (Ord. 2003-9, 7-1-2003)