A.   Licensing: It is unlawful for any person to engage in the practice of an alarm business, alarm company or alarm agent in the city as defined in Utah code section 58-55-102 (1953), as amended, without a valid license therefor issued in accordance with the provisions of the Utah burglar alarm security and licensing act, sections 58-55-101 et seq., of the Utah code (1953), as amended.
   B.   Owner Permit: No alarm business or alarm agent shall install any alarm system in the city unless the owner or lessee of the premises on which the alarm system is to be installed has a valid alarm permit issued by the city.
   C.   User Permit; Fee: Every alarm user shall obtain from the police department an alarm user's permit for each system prior to any installation of an alarm system. An application for a fire, burglary, or robbery alarm user's permit and an initial twenty five dollar ($25.00) fee shall be filed with the police department. The permit shall be physically upon the premises using the alarm system and shall be available for inspection by the city.
   D.   Application: The alarm user's permit application shall set forth the full name, address and telephone number of both the owner or lessee on whose premises the system will be installed, operated or maintained and the name of the person or licensed alarm business or company responsible for maintaining the alarm system. (Ord. 2003-9, 7-1-2003)