For purposes of this chapter, the following words have the meanings respectively ascribed to them in this section, except where the context clearly indicates a different meaning:
ALARM SYSTEM: A mechanical or electrical device designed, installed or used for the purpose of giving notice of a fire or burglary or other breach of security.
ALARM SYSTEM MONITORING COMPANY: Any individual, partnership, corporation or other form of association that engages in the business of monitoring security or fire alarm systems and reporting any activation of such alarm systems to the department of public safety.
ALARM USER: Any individual, partnership, corporation, or other form of association that owns, leases, or rents a security or fire alarm system or on whose premises a security or fire alarm system is maintained for the protection of the premises.
CHIEF OF POLICE: The chief of police of the city of Pleasant Grove, Utah, and the chief's designee.
DEPARTMENT: The Pleasant Grove public safety department.
DISPATCH OR RESPONSE: A discretionary decision whether to direct police or fire units to a location where there has been a request, made by whatever means, for police assistance or investigation. There is no duty to dispatch under any circumstances, including to answer an alarm signal, and all dispatch decisions are made subject to competing priorities and available police resources.
FALSE ALARM: An alarm signal eliciting notification to and a response by the department when there is no evidence of a crime or fire or other activity that warrants a call for immediate police assistance and no person who was on or near the property or has viewed a video communication from the property called for police assistance. "False alarm" does not include an alarm signal caused by violent conditions of nature or other extraordinary circumstances beyond the control of the alarm user.
SECURITY ALARM SYSTEM: Any system, device, or mechanism for the detection and reporting of any unauthorized entry or attempted entry or property damage upon premises protected by the system that may be activated by sensors or other techniques and, when activated, automatically transmits a telephone message or emits an audible, visible, or electronic signal that can be heard, seen, or received by persons outside of the protected premises and is intended to summon police assistance. (Ord. 2003-9, 7-1-2003)