(A)   The boundary description and plat of the Town Center Parking Area is as follows:.
      (1)   Boundary description: Starting at the intersection of Main St. and Avon Ave., the assigned limits are described to include the area enclosed by traveling north along Avon Ave. to the intersection of Avon Ave. and Krewson St., then traveling west along Krewson St. to the intersection of Krewson St. with Mill St., then traveling south along Mill St. to the intersection of Mill St. with Park Dr., then traveling west along Park Dr. to the intersection with West St., then traveling south to include Municipal Parking Zone #1, then traveling south along Mill St. to the intersection with Carter St., then traveling east along Carter St. to the intersection of Carter St. with East St., then traveling north along East St. to the intersection of East St. and Main St., then traveling east along Main St. to the intersection of Main St. and Avon Ave.
      (2)   Municipal Parking Zones 1, 2, 3, & 4.
   (B)   (1)   The Director of Transportation in consultation with the Public Works Director of the town is hereby authorized to develop written parking regulations for the Town Center Parking Area to be identified as “Town Center Parking Area Regulations,” to be submitted to the Plainfield Town Council for approval.
      (2)   The Public Works Director is hereby authorized and directed to place signs consistent with the regulations established by the Director of Transportation for the regulation and enforcement of the parking regulations in the Town Center Parking Areas.
   (C)   Enforcement. This Schedule VI of the Town Code may be enforced by an officer of the Plainfield Metropolitan Police Department issuing a town ordinance violation and the town may contract with a private company for compliance with the regulations or both.
   (D)   Definition of vehicle. VEHICLE for purposes of the Town Center Parking Area Regulations, shall include, but not be limited to, all-terrain vehicles, antique motor vehicles, buses, farm tractors, farm trucks, farm trailers, farm semi-trailers, farm wagons, motor boats, motor scooters, motor vehicles, motorcycles, motorized bicycles, pole trailers, pop-up camper trailers, recreation vehicles, road tractors, school buses, semi-trailers, tractors, trailers, trucks, truck tractors, truck tractor semi-trailer, wagons, watercraft, boat trailer and yard tractors.
   (E)   Penalty. 
      (1)   Any person violating any provision of this schedule shall be fined not less $50 and not more than $100 for the first offense and shall be fined not less than $100 nor more than $200 for each subsequent violation of this schedule that occurs within 12 months of the prior violation.
      (2)   In addition to the fine for the violation of this schedule if any vehicle is found parked in such a manner as to constitute a violation of this schedule, and if it is further determined that such vehicle, as parked, constitutes a safety hazard; interferes with the normal flow of traffic; or blocks a street, alley or access to a private drive; then, in that event, the Town Metropolitan Police Department shall have the right to move or remove said vehicle from its location by any reasonable means, including, but not limited to, towing said vehicle to a storage facility. Any costs and expenses incurred as a result of the moving or removal of the vehicle pursuant to this subdivision, including any storage costs, shall be charged to the owner of said vehicle. If the removal of the vehicle results in a storage of the vehicle, the vehicle shall not be removed and released from storage until full payment is received by the town of the cost and expenses incurred by the town caused by enforcing this schedule.
(Ord. 28-2021, passed 10-11-2021)