(A)   A speed limit of 25 mph is hereby adopted as the speed limit for residential and neighborhood streets serving local traffic, except in areas of schools and parks, and along alleys where lower posted speed limits are allowed by Indiana Code.
   (B)   All recommendations included within the Speed Limit Study, attached to the ordinance codified herein as Exhibit B, are hereby adopted and they shall be signed appropriately in accordance with any and all regulatory standards required for signage.
   (C)   The speed limits adopted by this section shall become effective upon the proper speed limit signage being posted on the street.
   (D)   Requests to alter posted speed limits shall follow the sequence and procedures as set forth in the town’s Guideline for Posted Speed Limit Change Requests, attached to the ordinance codified herein as Exhibit C.
   (E)   Recommendations by the Engineering and Traffic Investigation to revise the posted speed limit shall be subject to the approval fo the Town Council or its appointed designee.
(Ord. 07-2017, passed 6-26-2017)