(A)   Purpose. The purpose of this section is to regulate compliance with areas designated for use as handicap parking within the town for the protection of public health, safety and welfare.
   (B)   Enforcement.
      (1)   Every driver of a vehicle shall abide by:
         (a)   Posted signs; and
         (b)   Painted areas to designate that a space or area is restricted for exclusive as handicap parking within the town.
      (2)   No vehicle shall be parked in an area designated for handicap parking use unless:
         (a)   The vehicle has a current handicap parking permit visibly displayed from the rear-view mirror; or
         (b)   The vehicle has a current official vehicle license plate displayed and designated for handicap parking use.
      (3)   An officer of the Town Metropolitan Police Department may issue a citation for a failure to comply with a space or area designated for exclusive use as handicap parking within the corporate boundaries of the town.
(Ord. 15-2005, passed 4-11-2005) Penalty, see § 71.99