§ 56.99 PENALTY.
   (A)   Any person violating any provision of this chapter, for which no other penalty is provided, shall be subject to the penalty provisions of § 10.99.
   (B)   No person shall construct, enlarge, alter, repair or maintain any grading, excavation or fill, or cause the same to be done, contrary to or in violation of any terms of §§ 56.15 through 56.21. Any person violating any of the provisions of §§ 56.15 through 56.21 shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and each day during which any violation of any of the provisions of §§ 56.15 through 56.21 is committed, continued or permitted, shall constitute a separate offense. Upon conviction of any such violation, such person, partnership or corporation shall be punished by a fine of not more than $2,500 for each offense. In addition to any other penalty authorized by this division (B), any person, partnership or corporation convicted of violating any of the provision of §§ 56.15 through 56.21 shall be required to bear the expense of such restoration.
   (C)   As provided by statute, all rates and charges not paid when due are hereby declared to be delinquent and a penalty of 10% of the amount of the rates or charges shall thereupon attach thereto. The time at which such rates or charges shall be paid is now fixed at 15 days after the date of mailing of the bill.
(Ord. 36-2005, passed 7-11-2005; Ord. 20-2006, passed 7-24-2006)