A.   Officers: During the first meeting in February, a chair and vice-chair shall be selected from the planning commission membership, each of whom shall serve a term of one year. These positions shall expire after the first meeting in February of that same year. The position of chair and vice-chair shall be rotated annually among the planning commission members. According to this policy, the vice-chair shall be elevated the next year to serve as chair. The new vice-chair position shall be offered to the most senior member of the planning commission who has not previously served in that position. Should a member of the planning commission decline to seek the nomination as chair or vice-chair, the rotation would proceed to the next most senior member. Should members of the planning commission declare at the organizational meeting, with unanimous vote, that due to ongoing business that would be adversely disrupted by a change in officers, or similar unusual and rare circumstances, the commission may, retain its current officers for a second term.
   B.   Attendance: All members and alternate are expected to attend the planning commission meetings on a regular basis. The alternate has full voting rights when one or more members are absent. Excessive, unexcused absences, as that term may be determined by the adopted rules of the planning commission, will be reported by the chairman to the city council for possible action. Failure to contact the secretary, chairman or vice chairman prior to nonattendance at a meeting of the planning commission is considered unexcused.
   C.   Reports: Reports of official acts and recommendations of the planning commission shall be public and shall be transmitted by the chairman in writing to the governing body. Such reports shall indicate how each member of the commission voted with respect to such act or recommendation. Any member of the commission may also make concurring or dissenting report or recommendation to the governing body.
   D.   Meetings: The planning commission shall meet at least monthly and at such other times as the planning commission may determine.
   E.   Quorum: Three (3) members of the planning commission shall constitute a quorum.
   F.   Majority Vote: Actions of the planning commission shall be deemed passed by a majority vote. A majority is a simple majority of those members present at the meeting and entitled to vote on the matter under consideration. The chairman is entitled to vote and second on all motions but is not allowed to make a motion.
   G.   Minutes: The minutes of the commission shall include and shall constitute a record of all of the decisions of the planning commission. (Ord. 2002-12, 7-18-2002, eff. 7-18-2002; amd. Ord. 2021-06, 4-1-2021)