6-3-5: STATE HIGHWAY 134:
   A.   State Highway 134 is 2600 N., entering Plain City on the east side of the city. At the stop sign on 4200 W., it turns south to 2575 N., then W. on 2575 N. to 4350 W. Going S. on 4350 W. to the stop sign on 2200 N.  The highway then turns right and goes W. to 4650 W., turns S., past Freemont High School and follows 4700 W. out of Plain City.
   B.   Unless the off highway vehicle is street legal, it is unlawful to operate on State Highway 134, except when crossing the highway, in which case, the operator must come to a complete stop before crossing, yield right-of-way to oncoming traffic, and cross at a right angle pursuant to Utah State Code 41-22-10.3. (Ord. 2020-06, 4-16-2020)